Player wants to use Syrinscape online for his personal sounds


Sorry if this has been asked before. I did search but I know my Search - Fu has been week in the past.

I intend to use the online player for an up coming campaign and one of my players asked if there was a way he could also use the online player to triggers sounds for his character.

Is this possible? Would he need his own subscription? can we have minions with multiple masters?


Yes, just use Syrinscape Online and access the Master Interface from two different devices logged into the same account. If both devices are mobile/tablet you will need a 3rd device to run the Online Player app for audio output. If either device is a laptop you can run the Online Player and Master Interface from it.


You can also trigger specific buttons or sounds using the URL links that can be copied out of the UI by turn on the LINKS in the hamburger menu at the top right.

Then your Player can make a directory or message or pdf of all the links she might need and then click them as required.

Makes sense?


@ mechmike Thank you for the reply. Glad to know logging in to the same account from multiple places at the same time isn’t against TOS.

@ benjamin Great idea about the links, I thought this would be the perfect solution, The Django API rest window is a deal breaker for me though.


We are fixing that… so stay tuned there. :slight_smile: