Player crashes often


Hi been finding with my games the player crashes a few times during a session.
More so if say my player fireball and kills multiple targets which triggers the fantasy grounds sound links from John Waite, Rob Twohy. So multiple dying sounds seems to crash the player.

Not sure if its a combination of multiple one shots thats the cause but thought i would report it.



To make sure it is an Online player issue, can you test if that happens when you don’t use the chat triggers? If a situation like this happens, trigger the oneshots manually like crazy and see if you get the crash as well.


Ok will test that and yes the online player


What I meant was, it could also be an issue with the sound link extension. But you are right, it could have also been a standalone player problem, I wasn’t clear on that. Sorry. :slight_smile:


Your right it could be but need a place to start, although its not a massive deal as my players did find it funny when 20 odd Kabolds instant died and crashed the player