Pirates! And Music!

So here are the soundsets I use for my Pirates of the Spanish Main scenario, which has lots of supernatural happenings, both on sea and on land!

This app is really great! My players were a bit surprised when I started to use this, but they said they loved how it added to the atmosphere.
I used iTunes along this to play some soundtracks in. When the ship was sailing and speeding through the waves I used a playlist of old shanties a capella, which came from the Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag video game. Really useful and atmospheric! I even said, that the crew starts to sing before I hit that playlist!

"Now you are ready to sail for the hoorn!
Way! Hey! Roll and go!
Our Boots and our clothes are both in the pawn.
To be rollickin’ randy dandy Oh…"

During the battle with the EITC marines I used the “Fort Battle” theme from the film the Last Mohican.

During the Storm when they escaped the island of Aeolus I used some bits from the Pirates of te Carribean soundtrack.

I would not always use music along Syrinscape, but in the case of such high adventure, cinematic action like Savage Worlds is giving to the players it is perfect to set the mood!


Cool - I shared this over on the Syrinscape facebook page too! Thanks!