Pinning and Purchasing Features

I’ve been trialling using Syrinscape in FoundryVTT as part of our sessions. I’ve played around a fair bit and I think I have a way of making it all work fairly seamlessly. It has brought up a few queries though.

We will get together at most once a week, sometimes maybe only once a month, we’ve been coming together playing board games up to this point, so the purchase a soundset option is probably the most cost effective for us (Lost Mine and Dragon of Icespire specifically). But because I won’t be subscribing I don’t get any online player features for creating my own soundset.

The requests:

  • Once a soundset has been purchased, allow the custom soundset functionality in the online player. We may do a oneshot or 3 after the main campaign and want to use the purchased content (appreciate we can use it, but the custom soundset would make life much easier). Likewise if the next campaign doesn’t have a dedicated soundset I’d have to create one.

  • Consider opening up the features of the online player to the other subscription levels (fantasy in our case). I’ll never use the other sounds, so would be completely wasted. But the customisation in the online player would be really useful if subscribing at the level that we’d have content uses for

  • Watching the How to DJ video it became clear that being able to pin your working soundset while you’re adding new moods, elements, etc. would clean up that workflow so much.

These clearly aren’t huge criticisms and on the whole I really like Syrinscape and cost wise you do get a lot for the subscription, however when you’re not running twice weekly sessions and maybe even just once a month, the costs of the various subscriptions start to add up (Patreons for the map makers, DungeonDraft content creators, Adventures, DnD Beyond, etc.).