Pin elements to top

Currently, elements in the online player and the desktop player are ordered by type, with music first and SFX later (and in the online player, the oneshots at the end).

There are two things to consider:

  1. Have a “pin” option to stick elements to the top of the list. This will bypass the elements order and place those pinned to the top of the list even if they are SFX elements (and if they are oneshot elements, they’ll also appear first in the oneshots list in the desktop player).
    I believe this order is incorrect.
  2. The order of the elements should be changed completely.
    Music elements are usually played via mood anyway. They automatically start when a mood is played, and therefore 99% of the time wouldn’t be touched as elements by themselves.
    SFX and Oneshot elements, on the other hand, are often turned on and off (to add weather effects, combat effects, etc.), and should therefore appear at the top of the list, thus preventing unnecessary scrolling.
    This becomes even more evident in large soundsets in the desktop player, because scrolling through a lot of identical looking elements makes the browsing much harder and longer).