Philips Hue Integration


OK, it may be a pipe dream, but I would absolutely love an integration between Syrinscape and my Philips Hue light system. Be able to use the app to select lights that I deem “mood lights” and when I select a category, you can have a scene play on the lights that you assign. Example: Party ventures into a swamp, I kick off the Jungle soundset, and all of the lights I have designated as mood lights dim to a green hue. I hit the fireball sound effect, the main lights flash red briefly. Lighting bolt - white flash. Magic Missle - Blue flash.



Oh, and my game is in 3 and a half hours, so if someone could get on this quickly, I would appreciate it. :smile:


Quick, run to Best Buy and pick up an Echo Plus (it has the hub you need to control lightbulbs).

I’ll wait until you get back.



Yes, please. I also use Hue and Syrinscape and would love this.


This would be amazing. I have Syrinscape set up and running and separately a Hue switch that I pre-program to specific scenes, but I can only program a limited number of scenes to the switch, and its a pain to toggle between devices and applications to set the music and lighting separately. If I could trigger the lighting scenes from within Syrinscape along with the music, it would be a huge time and effort saver as well as a great mood setter for my players.


OoooOOOOooo, yes!

So we can have a colour set for each MOOD… plus flashes of colours attached to particular elements… = flashes of white linked to lightning noise OR a big bloom of RED linked to a Fireball sound.

The Online Player architecture definitely allows us to do this sort of stuff.

It’s officially ON THE LIST! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: :open_mouth:


I do this manually in my games at the minute, using my phone and my players love it. Having it done automatically with Syrinscape triggering the lights would be amazing!!

Definitely a feature I would love to see us develop further for the App


I made an account here specifically so I could reply to this thread:

Please please please add Hue support!! This would be amazing. If the devs ever need help with adding moods/scenes to the backlog of SoundSets, I’ll gladly do it!


Noted! This is veeeeery cool! :slight_smile:


I just made a ticket for the dev team… so this is officially in our backlog… a fair way down… but things in the backlog have a tendency to come to the top eventually!


I hate to necro an old thread…but I have to ask what the status of this is! I’m frothing at the mouth at all of the possibilities with hue integration!


Now that I can do this (Have Echo Devices and Hue LED Multi Color Bulbs) I would love if Syrinscape had this ability!


So would we! It’s on our dev wishlist so definitely something we will be looking into :slight_smile:


I know its generally a sin to provide any sort of ETA in the dev world, but any sort of ETA? :smiley:

Basically, any chance we’ll see it by the end of the year or so.


Any progress on integrating lighting control within the app? I would love, love, LOVE for you to make this a reality!!!


I bought a whole LOT of lights and have been digging into the API… but, yes, :smiley: definitely no ETA on this one yet!

also = they are PRETTY and FUN!