Philips Hue Integration

OK, it may be a pipe dream, but I would absolutely love an integration between Syrinscape and my Philips Hue light system. Be able to use the app to select lights that I deem “mood lights” and when I select a category, you can have a scene play on the lights that you assign. Example: Party ventures into a swamp, I kick off the Jungle soundset, and all of the lights I have designated as mood lights dim to a green hue. I hit the fireball sound effect, the main lights flash red briefly. Lighting bolt - white flash. Magic Missle - Blue flash.



Oh, and my game is in 3 and a half hours, so if someone could get on this quickly, I would appreciate it. :smile:

Quick, run to Best Buy and pick up an Echo Plus (it has the hub you need to control lightbulbs).

I’ll wait until you get back.


Yes, please. I also use Hue and Syrinscape and would love this.

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This would be amazing. I have Syrinscape set up and running and separately a Hue switch that I pre-program to specific scenes, but I can only program a limited number of scenes to the switch, and its a pain to toggle between devices and applications to set the music and lighting separately. If I could trigger the lighting scenes from within Syrinscape along with the music, it would be a huge time and effort saver as well as a great mood setter for my players.

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OoooOOOOooo, yes!

So we can have a colour set for each MOOD… plus flashes of colours attached to particular elements… = flashes of white linked to lightning noise OR a big bloom of RED linked to a Fireball sound.

The Online Player architecture definitely allows us to do this sort of stuff.

It’s officially ON THE LIST! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: :open_mouth:


I do this manually in my games at the minute, using my phone and my players love it. Having it done automatically with Syrinscape triggering the lights would be amazing!!

Definitely a feature I would love to see us develop further for the App


I made an account here specifically so I could reply to this thread:

Please please please add Hue support!! This would be amazing. If the devs ever need help with adding moods/scenes to the backlog of SoundSets, I’ll gladly do it!

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Noted! This is veeeeery cool! :slight_smile:

I just made a ticket for the dev team… so this is officially in our backlog… a fair way down… but things in the backlog have a tendency to come to the top eventually!

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I hate to necro an old thread…but I have to ask what the status of this is! I’m frothing at the mouth at all of the possibilities with hue integration!

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Now that I can do this (Have Echo Devices and Hue LED Multi Color Bulbs) I would love if Syrinscape had this ability!

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So would we! It’s on our dev wishlist so definitely something we will be looking into :slight_smile:

I know its generally a sin to provide any sort of ETA in the dev world, but any sort of ETA? :smiley:

Basically, any chance we’ll see it by the end of the year or so.

Any progress on integrating lighting control within the app? I would love, love, LOVE for you to make this a reality!!!

I bought a whole LOT of lights and have been digging into the API… but, yes, :smiley: definitely no ETA on this one yet!

also = they are PRETTY and FUN!

Is there actually an API that you can open up to the community to maybe implement these things community driven?

Hey @max

I’ve started a conversation with @sonofconan about this.

We shall report back here! :slight_smile: :beers:

@max Syrinscape Online is us a REST/websocket client (Master Interface, for control) and app (Online Player, for audio playback).

There is no public documentation or support for the API, but if you or anyone else in the community has the motivation and capability to implement an interesting integration that could use benefit from access to realtime data (e.g. element volume, amplitude, playing status, etc.), send me a DM.

I may be able to help you build out a minimal REST/websocket client that you can have talk to Philips Hue or another 3rd party in response to activity with Syrinscape Online.


Thanks, Tai!