Phandelver feedback


Have you used the Lost Mines Of Phandelver soundset?
What are your thoughts?
Too much music?
Theme becomes repetitive and annoying?
Or where these things to your liking? You felt the air of the Fellowship as you played!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, positive or negative.


I was actually planning on coming to the forums this weekend to tell you how much I and my gaming group have enjoyed the soundset for the Lost Mines of Phandelver. It is GREAT!!! The hero theme has now become the main theme of our adventuring group, the Heroes Six, and the variations on the theme throughout the soundset are fantastic. I used it for the adventure I am currently running, The Thing In The Valley (we play Classic D&D), and it really fit in quite well. I particularly liked the Spider’s Web soundset, as it had a lot of useful moods for the trip through the spooky valley. I am shocked you have not received more feedback on this awesome soundset! I can tell you that the LMoP will become a staple for all my games to come, and I hope you create more soundsets like this one in the future. Thanks much, and keep up the great work!!!


Thank you. I’m flattered.

I have been using the themes in with the up and coming Saltmarch stories. Plus adding new sounds and music.

Would you like more of that theme in other adventures? Or would you like new themes for other adventures?


Personally, I think a unified theme across the new soundsets would be great. It’s an awesome hero theme, and both myself and my players really became invested into the game because we felt the heroes were now represented with their own theme. Of course, adding some variations on the hero theme for each new soundset is a must. As long as you are able to thread this same theme throughout some upcoming soundsets, my players and I would be all for it.


No Problem =D
You may find some in the next Saltmarch soundsets


My only complaint about the Phandelver soundset is that it came too late for my game. It was released as my players were about to enter Wave Echo Cave. And to add insult to injury, after two weeks of that I’ve been travelling for work and trying to run games from a hotel room with limited internet has meant that I had to drop Syrinscape to preserve the limited bandwidth for VOIP and VTT. :frowning:

But my particular woes aside, the Phandelver soundset is superb and I really do wish I’d had it from the start. I’m hoping to pillage and repurpose it for future adventures. Kudos to all involved.


Hey @ominousbarry

This feedback too, via email:

I meant to tell you: very well done on the “Banshee Song” and “Banshee Disappear” One-Shots from the “LMOP The Spider’s Web” Fantasy Soundset. They put a chill up my spine every time I hear them (just like a Banshee should), and the “Song” is lovely and haunting, and I feel that siren-call desire in it.

Please tell whoever performed and produced that Soundset “Well Done!” (feel free to forward this email to them as well).




Being the in-between man, thank Matthew for sending a shiver of contentment down my spine =)


You’re Welcome! :smile: