Phandelver And Below: The Shattered Obelisk

Are you going to have a sound set for Phandelver And Below: The Shattered Obelisk?

We are releasing Chapters 1 to 4 this week and then the rest will follow asap. :slight_smile:


sheds a tear of joy…


Thanks for the info Ben!
Do you have a rough timeline for this? I see Chapter 5 is out now and it looks extensive and awesome!
I’m running the entire campaign in early November over a long weekend. And I’m wondering whether all the Chapters will be out by then?
If not, I’ll make custom sets for Chapters 6 to 8. But your pre-generated sets are so much better!

@benjamin Any news on a rough timeline?

The next pack should be out in the next few weeks. We don’t give a proper timeline until the sets are built and approved but you can always get a guide of what is on its way by looking at our release schedule

@Steve thanks for the info!
We’ll probably get Part 3 before our game but I’ll probably have to custom build for Parts 4 & 5 myself.
Do you think part 3 will just cover chapter 6?

It will yes, each part beyond Part 1 (LMoP) covers one chapter at a time :grin:

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I’ve nearly finished the whole adventure. Should be wrapping up production in November. Then its a case of wait and see

Hi! What do you mean by you’ve nearly finished production?

Creating the music/sound effects and compiling it into the moods that will make the chapter 8. Then my work is done on the shatter obelisk and it’s onto the next adventure =)

Oh right! So you make all the soundsets and stuff! Awesome :smiley:
I am really enjoying the ones you’ve made for Shattered Obelisk and Dragonlance.
Hopefully the rest of Shattered Obelisk will come out soon!

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Ominousbarry is one of our SoundSet creators, so yes he is working on Phandelver and below. Dragonlance was built by another great member of the team New_Vison.

So, Ominousbarry has almost finished composing the music and putting together the Soundset. Once that’s done other members of the team will then need to do the artwork and other tasks before the set is ready for Wizards of the Coast to listen to. Which is why I mentioned we don’t give a date until its ready, SoundSets have lots of moving parts and people :grin:


That’s right Steve. I didn’t create the soundset for Dragonlance but I did create the music for it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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