PF1 Skull and Shackles

I am getting ready to run Skull and Shackles for my group. I found High Seas which has some great ship sounds. I am looking for some sparse voices to represent the crew to use as a sfx. Anybody have any suggestions?

High Seas Battle has some piratical cries, and several of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh sets have various conversations and battles that could be used as friends or foes!

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Thanks. Not necessarily looking for battles, just something to represent conversations and talking. I did find some interesting sounds in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh sound sets, though.

There’s also Matt Mercer Drez Vina (noble elf), Matt Mercer Nostoc (gruff dwarf), Matt Mercer Victor (wacky gnome alchemist), Creepy Shopkeeper, Tavern Keep, Priest of Razmir, and GCP Razzmatazz (spastic redcap).

I’ve seen (heard) the GCP drop. Where are the Matt Mercer drops located?

Fantasy Player is where they are.

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