Paypal problems - RESOLVED


Hi there, I am trying to subscribe, but when I get to the paypal part I log into paypal it just kicks me out and tells me to add a card. My card is already on file. It has done this twice now. Return to merchant button gives me a blank paypal page, My activity page shows: |Initial Payment|$0.00 USD|–|--|–|$0.00 USD|
|Regular Recurring Payment|$21.98 USD|Indefinite|Indefinite|Every 2 Months|$0.00|


Do you want to drop us an email at and then we can take a proper look for you? Better that way than talking about your payment and account details in an open forum :slight_smile:


email sent to support, thanks.


Had the same problem (eastern europe).
I could only resolve it with buying a voucher, i tried literally everything…


We seem to have a few problems with people in Germany & parts of Eastern Europe setting up Automatic payments through PayPal. The problem seems to be when you have bank draft selected as your payment method, if you change your PayPal settings to draw from a debit or credit card then it should all work ok for you.

If not then yes Vouchers are the answer :slight_smile:


Unfortunately that does not work either, my default is to draw from debit card, but still could not do any workaround.

but vouchers work just as fine, and as long as they give the same benefits (ownership of future content, and access to all) it is just as fine.

it was also great that when i wrote to the support@ i got a helpful reply very fast.
awsome customer support 5/5 :slight_smile:


So, German here again. Vouchers stopped working. Whenever I click on the paypal lonk now it gives me a “site not found” message on PayPal.


Yes the vouchers are exactly the same as a normal sub, except that they don’t automatically renew when they expire :grin: