Payment Alternatives

Reading the support thread, this suggestion is probably DOA. I see support requests but not a suggestion thread. Giving this a shot in the hopes it will gain some attention from users and “inspire” Syrinscape overseers.

  1. Fantasy/D&D/Pathfinder subscription options over at Paizo where I can use my credit card.
  2. Credit card (non-paypal account) option.
  3. Other ?

I’m going to get the 2 month voucher from Paizo for the all inclusive membership. Meanwhile, I’ll build up my own library. I won’t be renewing unless, by a miracle, one of the above becomes available.


We are currently looking at alternative Payment Platforms and hope to be able to introduce one of those very soon.

Re your points, the Paizo store already sells vouchers for both SuperSyrin and Pathfinder Subscriptions as well as many of the individual Pathfinder and Star Finder SoundSets

The new payment platform should allow for a lot more payment options, including card payments.

The new Payment Platform should also be a lot more flexible, providing lots of different options :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply. I am very happy to hear there is movement on the increased payment options front.

My search-fu over at Paizo seems to be deficient. I found the 2 month SuperSyrin subscription easily enough, but am having trouble finding the Pathfinder only subscription. I’ll contact Paizo customer service. However, if anyone comes across a link, please share.

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