Pause my subscription


Is there a way to pause my subscription? I work in the shipping industry and since the holidays are coming up I won’t be doing anything else for the month of December. Is there a way to pause my subscription and start it back up in January?


@Steve any info on if this can be done?


Hey @davinci522, sorry we missed this one!

To suspend your account you just need to follow the cancellation steps found HERE.
This will cancel your account from the date that the next payment is due, then when you are ready you can simply resubscribe and the server will automatically connect the new sub to your account. All of your content made in the Creator will again be available to you from the day you re-start the sub.

Does that make sense?


I am still subbed at the price from before you had to increase it (I think). If I cancel now and resub will it be at that higher price? If so I would rather just stay subbed.


Unfortunately yes that’s right, the system would automatically bill you for the new amount if you re-subscribed, or altered the sub to a different level