Pathfinder Mummy's Mask soundset suggestions


I’m planning to run this Adventure Path and was wondering if anyone had any advice on good sound sets to pick up for pyramid crawling?

Has anyone used Syrinscape with this AP? Which sets did you feel tied in best with the theme? I would greatly prefer sets with music in addition to sound effects if possible.



The most likely starts would be Desert and Desert Camp, along with Undead Battle and Dungeon Depths or Catacombs of Wrath… But please tell me more! I don’t own Mummy’s Mask, so if you can let me know what locations, moods, and battles/creatures you’ll be needing I can offer you appropriate suggestions!


Great suggestions. Thanks so much. I’ll go and track down the YouTube previews if I can.

To be honest, I’ve only read the first book so far…5 more to go. Thus far, it seems to be undead, constructs, and swarms in a selection of tombs.


Ah, excellent. Constructs can be represented by Clockwork Entities, and also by Dream Quest II (which have the moods Ceramic Necropolis and Ceramic Guardians). Caravanserai also has some good sounds for lonely, windswept places. Tabletop Music has music for many different moods, as does Trollskull Manor. Swarms can be represented by Hell Swarm. Also the Sci-Fi Player has Swarm Attack and Insectoid Hive.