Pathfinder Gunslinger's Sounds


Hello Everyone! I’m really really curious if there’ll be a Gunslinger Sound Pack one day!
It’d be really really great!
Maybe with some western sound effects, like richocheting bullets, horses, lazos, tumbleweeds and obviously gunshots!
I would be awesome, don’t you think? :smile:


Great suggestions, Lex! Duly noted. :slight_smile:


Looking for sounds for my pathfinder gunslinger, musket, flintlock and blunderbus, any news if this is in the pipeline?


Have a listen to “High Seas Battle”, there are some musket shots there that might suit. I’m also working on some western soundsets so if you have a Supersyrin sub then hopefully there will be some sounds in the community content that you can use, when I get round to finishing them! :grin:


I’m running a pirate game right now, the musket sounds on “High Seas Battles” are a bit to muted for an in your face fight with Guns. Any alternatives for Flintlock land battles?


I forget what we named it but the soundset I made for the old western game with different dimensions has can work. There is an old western saloon with gunshots and other sounds in it. Maybe @Steve can remember the name.


Sulfurous Penumbra! It’s in the Board Game player.


Thank you @HECook. I’m great at remembering components or details but am terrible at names.


Yup @HECook beat me to it (again) :slight_smile:

By default @davinci522’s Sulphurs Penumbra will appear as Community Content in the Board Game Player but like all of the soundsets you can make it appear in whichever version of the Player you prefer to use