Pathfinder 2e Beginner Box?

Just curious. Any eta on when a sound set will come out for the beginner box that is releasing? I’m sure it will take some time but just curious. Thanks!

Do you mean this one? :slight_smile:

We released the soundset at the same time as the Beginner’s Box, so lots of awesome Pathfinder sounds right from the start

Oh the shame… :blush:

Yes… that is exactly the one. Totally missed it. Sorry for the random thread… and thanks!!!


Not a problem at all. It’s a good way to let people on the forums know that the soundset is out :slight_smile:


For some reason, I can not find this sound set in my Libary. I am a SuperSyrin subscriber.

I have access to sound sets released before and after this sound set.

Tried all different search patterns to find it such as: “Beginner box”, “Menace”, “Otari”.

I have Sund Set created by me “Beginner box”, do not know does that making some bug in search, but nothing other comes to my mind.

OK, so it looks like a box may not have been ticked, which is why you couldn’t find it Oops!

Have a go now and type Otari into the search bar, does it show up?

It shows up now! Thanks for a fast fix!

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Great, and thanks for letting me know! :grin: