Pathfinder 2: Little Trouble in Big Absalom

Hello, I’m looking for suggestions for sounds for “Little Trouble in Big Absalom”

It’s the free PDF from Paizo for last year’s Free RPG Day

Mainly something for the creepy doll at the end of the first part.

I’ll take a gander and can suggest after I read it!

Ok, still need to read it (I’m in the middle of my own game prep at the moment), but for an attic and creepy doll, I like a few different elements. For the attic, try the “creaking building” element (found in several sets, but Black Magga Battle is the first alphabetically) and add the “creaking floorboards” element and “fly buzzing in a lampshade” from Creepy Shopkeeper. For a creepy doll (and general creepiness) try Spooky, specifically the element “child’s play” (or the one-shot “freaky child”) which has a childlike voice saying creepy whispers.

Once I get a chance to read further, I can add more suggestions!

For the area outside the “dungeon” you could use the Sewer set, and then, for the reveal of the dungeon, the “broken step” one-shot from Angel in the Tower as the boards are pried away. You can then switch to the “derelict townhouse” mood from Magnimar (Big City), but eliminate the “business in the streets” element in favor of some of the weird noises elements from Dungeon Depths or Elements - Horror (if you want to punch up a creepiness factor).

For the flash beetles, you can use some elements from Swarm Attack or Insectoid Hive from the Sci-Fi player.

For the precarious pile, I recommend the “table tragedy” one-shot from Debauched Gala.

For the fungus leshy, try The Lost Star 1, the “fungus bloom” mood!

For the taxidermied dogs, try the “gorefangs battle” from Trouble in Kintargo, mixed with some low-level “vine reaches” from Corpse Lotus battle to represent their dry and stiff nature.

For Princess Sunset and Camilla - go with the sounds for Camilla above, and for Princess Sunset, the set Never Ending Nightmare has the elements “unicorn galloping past” and “unicorn whinny”.

As the kobolds move upstairs, you can turn on the “business in the streets” element from Magnimar (Big City) again, and maybe add in some elements from Burgomaster’s Mansion, like “fireplace” and “tea kettle” and “cups of tea” as they talk to Granny. You could also use some phrases from the Creepy Shopkeeper set for Granny.

The garden could be represented by Elven Vale Day, with a little “business in the streets” from Magnimar (Big City) in the background to remind the kobolds of the people beyond the hedges. For the badger, you could use Giant Rat Battle if the kobolds truly annoy her.

For the faerie dragon, you can use the spellcasting sounds from Wizard Spells D&D (along with Cleric Spells D&D, Bard Spells D&D, and so forth), along with Sins of the Saviors Part 5 & 6 (SS Part 5 & 6) which has a “meow” one-shot. If needed, there is a “baby dragon” mood in the Dragon Battle set.

For the structure in the gazebo (assuming no one launches a volley of fireballs :laughing:) you can use Rogue - Female (Merisiel) which has a lock-picking sound. Dungeon Depths as a “smashing a wooden door” one-shot if needed.

For the lawn crayfish, the World’s Meat set has a “Reefclaws” mood that should suit, though you may want to turn off the water and mist in favor of wind and birds.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: