Passing A "play this" Command To Syrinscape in Linux, without URI

I’ve seen other threads here about URI support in Linux, which I understand is not available yet. But I don’t care about using a URI to tell the Syrinscape Fantasy player to play something. Is there any other way to take the information from the generated URI and just pass it to Syrinscape, eliminating the URI middleman? I can write a script or a program to do it in place of the URI, if there is a way to get Linux Syrinscape to somehow accept that information.

I see that the Linux install doesn’t have the equivalent of the Windows URIproxy app. The other threads I have read are all asking about URI support, but my question is, forget about URI, is it possible to just get the Linux version of the URIproxy app? And then I could write a script to call that program, passing it the same argument that it would get if it got called from a URI.

I’ve seen references to an API for the on-line player. Does an API exist for the stand-alone players?

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This is a good question for @ryan.cassar or @sonofconan, but straight up from me… have you considered giving the Web Player a go? The API works really well there and it’s a LOT more system agnostic.

And to be clear:

Does an API exist for the stand-alone players?

The Syrinscape API does NOT work with the Offline Players.

Thank you for the reply.

I’m using the off-line players because I prefer to have off-line availability for anything and everything. I don’t like the idea of things which I normally use not being available to me because of internet issues, regardless of how rare that is.

Sorry to say we do not currently support any such API for the stand-alone offline players, other than via the URIProxy apps that a released with the apps for Windows.

One day perhaps, but that day is not today!

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