Owlbear.rodeo Browser Audio

Hi All, I am running some D&D games on owl bear.rodeo . It allows you to stream audio from another google chrome window to the players.

My question is, is there any way for me to get audio from Syrinscape to play inside of a google chrome browser window? I realize I can get them all to install the player app but I am trying to avoid them having to have an additional account and installing new software.

To be honest, I’m not sure why the Online Player won’t play audio in browser but only stream to a separate app.

I do have a “Super Subscription” if needed.

@wwchrism This is not currently possible.

The online player does not output audio via the browser because it is not just a simple audio stream.

The players make use of a 3D game engine to position and move each sample in 3D space while applying reverb and other audio effects.

Last time we checked, there were technical limitations that would have prevented us from achieving the same quality and performance consistently purely within a browser. This is why we need a separate app for audio playback.

Not streaming audio also allows each player to remain unaffected by intermittent connectivity and network speed issues (e.g. buffering and dropouts).


It might be a little convoluted and I haven’t tried this, but you might check out obs.ninja. Its a free service that allows you to stream audio and video. I’m wondering if you can use it to stream audio to a browser on your machines and then and then send that chrome stream through Owlbear Rodeao to your players. You would probably need to use Voicemeeter with it.

Here is a video on obs.ninja.


Oh… And welcome to the community @wwchrism!

Great tutorial on this. Thanks as always. Seems like a great solution.