Out of the Abyss playlist?

Is there an Out of the Abyss campaign D&D 5th) playlist already made?

Not yet. But if you let me know what sounds you need, what sorts of environments and monsters you’ll encounter, I can make recommendations for a playlist!


Alright thanks ! I’m currently playing Out of the Abyss campaign with my players so there’s many scene incoming… but the next ones are :

  1. They’re currently exploring a Deep Gnome City. They’ll fight many dark elves turned to stone by a medusa.
  2. Inside the city, they’ll have to protect and clease a lost temple. Earth Elemental will assault them while they’re defending.
  3. They’ll fight legion of Oozes. Then, a Giant Ooze created by Juiblex - the ooze demon lord while an army of deep gnome fights in the background.
  4. After saving the Deep Gnome city, the king will make a ceremony for the heros (I was thinking : MoD act 1 : Hail the King sounds set)
  5. Afterward, they’ll leave the city and explore the Underdark (dark, scary caverns under our world) trying to find for an exit. When they find the exit (a portal that leads to the surface) they’ll be embushed by a team of elite dark elves (drows) that were hunting them for months now. Their leader is a woman spellcaster.
  6. When the fight is nearly done, a Major Demon Lord will be summoned nearby and intervene. (Would like some chaos sound effect).
  7. Finally, they should survive and escape the Underdark by the portal and succesfully arrive in Fearun.

Any suggestion for a cool playlist would be more than welcome !

  1. Deep Gnome City - Dungeon Depths works for things underground. So does Sci-Fi player’s Sub-Terra and Mi-Go Underground Dwelling. Add in some sounds from Brindle Town or Magnimar for city sounds. Stone dark elves - use Dream Quest II’s “Ceramic Guardians”, minus the roars, and adding in the appropriate weapons’ sounds from the universal one-shots (or Valleros - Male Fighter and Merisiel - Female Rogue).

  2. The city - Use some of the cavern sounds from Sub-Terra or Mi-Go Underground Dwelling and combine that with sounds from Brindle Town or Magnimar. Maybe add in a little bit of the sounds from Elements - Horror, to ramp up tension. For the earth elemental, there is an Earth Elemental soundset in the Sci-Fi player.

  3. Ooze battle - Ooze Battle soundset! For the gnomes in the background, you can use the Goblin Battle (possibly with some Bugbear Battle sounds thrown in, because deep gnomes are more serious). There is also Gnomeland Security for some more exuberant gnome sounds.

  4. Hail the King - that’s a perfect one. If there’s some mingling or a feast afterwards that the group participates in, Masquerade Ball and Vyre Banquet offer some sounds for that.

  5. For the underdark, you can use the sounds from Dungeon Depths, Mi-Go Underground Dwelling, and Sub-Terra again, with some Elements - Horror or Spooky thrown in for unease. If your portal is magical in nature, you can use Mountaintop Portal, Disjunction Chamber, or Shimmering Veils to represent the magical effect. For the team of elite dark elves, you could use Nox Battle from Redact and Revenge, or Salt Works Battle from Rebuilding the Ravens. For the female spellcaster, Board Game player has a set called Spellcaster - Sorceress. While the spells are not one-for-one match to D&D spells, they are similar enough to make for some great arcane fights. Or you could use Kyra - Female Cleric and Ezran - Male Wizard for a combination of spell effects and female vocalizations.

  6. Major Demon Lord - use the soundset “Hell”, which has teleport sounds and devil battles and voicings. Does that have enough chaos in it, or are you looking for another specific kind of sound?

  7. For going through the portal - Magic Stone Circle and Disjunction Chamber have a disjunction pull sound which could be fun for going through the portal. Then you could abruptly switch the sound to Elven Vale Day/Night or Farmland or some similar calm soundset to show the contrast.

Does that help?


Thanks a lot ! I’ll try them soon !

Would you have any suggestion for a cave infested of spiders and webs. Also, for a chase ? (Players fleeing a huge spider chasing them) ?

Spiders and insects in general - Sci-Fi player’s Insectoid Hive or Swarm Attack. Running - the four iconic (Valleros - Male Fighter, Ezran - Male Wizard, Merisiel - Female Rogue, and Kyra - Female cleric) have running sounds, with and without armor. :smiley:

Ive got up to Gracklestugh and the Whorlstone tunnels made, and they are all made with off-the-shelf syrinscape sounds. I’d love for them to be public. Admins?

The campaign on my account is listed as OOTA Prisoners of the Drow, OOTA Slubludop, OOTA Darklake, OOTA Gracklstugh, and OOTA Whorlstone Tunnels 1.

Wanna make em public? 100% sounds from syrinscape so they are all set! I’ll be working on Neverlight Grove soon.

Kind of an old thread, but has anyone considered making more for OOtA? My players are currently in Blingdenstone, and have already been to Glacklesturgh, Slubludop, and Neverlight Grove.