Out of the Abyss - Neverlight Grove

I wanted to ask for help creating a playlist for Neverlight Grove. My players are mostly done with it. They are in the fight with plant zombies and mutated ex-myconid, now demon worm. I noticed few other Forum posts about OotA but none talked about Neverlight Grove.

  1. I am looking for sound noises that would match myconids, plant zombies (I guess they can be regular zombies, but maybe there is something more specific?) and a demon worm - battle music

  2. When they survive (hopefully), they might visit a giant mushroom with Demon Lord of Decay inside - anything fitting for this?

  3. They might wait there and encounter a creepy wedding in the grove.

  4. Otherwise, they will get back to the mushroom grove - the grove at first glance, looks serene, but it is partially corrupted by the demon lord of decay (and at this point, they will know)

Also, they might go to Oozing temple, so something ooze related would be nice :smiley:

  1. Plant Zombies - Curse of the Crimson Throne - Escape from Old Korvosa - specifically the Arkona Palace set has a mood called “Fungal Genie Battle” that involves skeletal noises, cool undead fighting music (very dramatic, but slow start), screeches, spore releases, and scimitar swooshes (should your zombies be armed). If not, you can fill in other noises with Undead Battle. Dungeon of the Mad Mage 20 has a myconid colony and a myconid fight mood. As for a demon worm, how about the Purple Worm Battle along with some elements from Elements - Fire or Hell?

  2. The Myconid Colony from Dungeon of the Mad Mage 20 may do for the giant mushroom, but what also may work is combining some of that with some elements from Insectoid Hive (from Sci-Fi Player). Specifically “the walls are slimy” and “the floor is moving”. The Mi-Go Underground Dwelling (from Sci-Fi Player) may also be of use. For the Demon Lord himself, use some of the Mi-Go sounds, and perhaps add in some from Elements - Horror or some of the “demonic voice”, “demonic whispering”, and “demonic breath” from the Nyarlathotep set (also in Sci-Fi player).

  3. For the creepy wedding, the music “Music for Stanimir’s Tale” from Curse of Strahd - Into the Mists could be nice.

  4. Adding in some things from Elements - Horror as the corruption grows or becomes more noticeable, should kick up the weirdness.

  5. For more oozing (though the stuff from the Mi-Go and Insectoid Hive are pretty oozy), there is the Ooze Battle, of course, and a number of “organic” sounds from Quasi-Organic Vessel (in Sci-Fi Player) which should serve!