"Out of the Abyss" just went live as Community Content

Hey all,

The most excellent @killingmockingbirds has made a complete pack of SoundSets to support “Out of the Abyss”.

I’ve just made them live as Community Content under “oota…”

Wanna have a listen and find anything wierd, missing, wrong-sounding…

I don’t know this adventure, so your help and reviews will be useful! :slight_smile:


“Complete” isn’t totally accurate, but it will get you started! I’ve got more to make, so I’ll let you know when they are ready. It’s a really long adventure- lots to cover!

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Hey guys, been using syrinscape for about a year but I don’t think I’m accessing community content. How do I get there? I’m sitting in on a OotA game Sunday and I would love to be able to provide sounds

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To gain access to community content you will have to have a Supersyrin subscription. So, on top of every soundset Syrinscape has to offer, access to Syrinscape online and the Soundset Creator, you can use all community content whenever you wish. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that. I have been a subscriber for a year and a half now. Where do I find the community content?

Community Content will automatically appear in the Players just like any of our soundsets but are only visible to SuperSyrin Subscribers. If you already have an active Supersyrin sub then chances are that you have already installed Community content and not noticed it :grin:

Thanks Steve. I’ve been unable up find this Out of the Abyss content so I was not sure if I was seeing all of it

I can’t wait for more! My group has been using your OotA set since the beginning of the campaign and are loving it. Though we sadly are about to get to the end of your sets. Personally i am excited to hear Blingdenstone

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