Our game last night


I wanted to post about the awesome game we had last night because of Syrinscape. We are playing through Descent into Avernus and using Fantasy Grounds VTT. This past week, we switched over to using Syrinscape Online. Our DM spent some time this week and created unique soundboards for each of us players. So all through the game, every time we took an action, cast a spell, attacked something, we could just click and play our characters sounds. We all had such a great time. I dont think I have laughed as hard in a game in years.

thank you!


This is sooooooooooo cool! Which extension were you using?

Mainly though = THANKS for taking the time to come by and say nice things… it REALLY help ME to have a lovely day, knowing I am working hard to make nice things for nice people having fun with them!

GAME ON! :beers: :crossed_swords: :beers:


I was using the extension I developed for FG. I wasnt trying to self promote here. I was just so excited how smoothly everything went. This is John (from emails with Rob).


Hehe, Ben’s tried out your extension in our game last week, just dont think he clicked your username here with your real name when he was posting :slight_smile:

Great work on the extension by the way!