Only free soundsets showing in app - RESOLVED


I’ve logged in, logged out, reloaded, restarted and reinstalled - all that is showing in my apps are the free soundsets. I’m a SuperSyrin Subscriber - would it be possible for someone to help me out please?


Hi. I had the same issue so could someone advise how this was resolved. Getting very frustrated by this now. Thanks


@keithd02 @zoejefflloyd I’ve checked both your accounts and you definitely should have access to a lot more content than just the free soundsets. Any further details you can provide about the problem may help me track down the issue.

  • Does it happen in both the Fantasy AND Sci-Fi players?
  • Does it happen on multiple devices (e.g. laptop AND desktop computer) or platforms (e.g. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)?
  • Does it happen in the online player?
  • Does the Fantasy player still list soundsets you should have access to with a greyed out background, and a “Visit the store” link after the description?