Online very unresponsive


Trying to create my own soundsets but the online player stops responding all too often. Sounds not initializing, not being able to stop play back e t c. It really becomes very annoying and time consuming when you try to browse through the sound library, trying to find sounds you want to use.

Is there anything I can do or is this backend related?


Have you tried changing servers? There is reload button, circle made from two arrows, near the bottom left (just above the artwork). There is also a lag meter(?) there shows a time in ms that your computer is getting responses from the server.

Usually hitting that button once or twice will cause you to go to a new server and decrease that lag.

It is also the weekend and could be a bit slow because of server load.


Hey @bjornsundell

Everything @davinci522 said is good.

We are checking the servers for any explanation. :bug::hammer:


  • Where are you?
  • If you are NOT in the US, can you do something for me = do a speedtest to your OWN city… and then a speedtest to WestCoast US. Give me the numbers. We are seeing SOME ISPs giving GREATLY slower traffic across the oceans.

Let us know how you go! :slight_smile:


Note: we are also exposed to any probs that Amazon servers might have… we are checking. :slight_smile:


DId a quick test:

Local sever 10 ms speed 100 mbit

California based servers: 150 - 200 ms speed 6 mb

Couldn’t find SOME ISP though…


Interesting @bjornsundell

Sooo… that is an extraordinary difference in speed, but 6mb shouldn’t be crippling… the question now is:

  1. At these speeds is the Online Player functional?
  2. What were the speeds you were getting when things were really bad? You can’t answer this one yet.

Sooo… next time things are bad, do another speed test.

We’ve had some people find that their ISP was severely deprioritising traffic from the US West Coast.

One user sorted themselves out with a VPN.

All makes sense?


It does. I’ll remember to test next time it goes bad. Thanks!