Online Player works - App can't load soundsets


I am trying to load the app on my PC, but it can’t load the soundsets. The Online Player accesses it fine, so I know this PC is Blessed. Do the PC App and the browser-based Online Player count as 2 different machines?


Its been an issue for a few days now. I thought it was fixed last night and this morning its back in full force… Completely frustrated.


@tenaveran The online player does not need to be blessed at all and does not count towards your blessed devices limit. Only one player can be “active” at any given moment and you can switch between them at any time (e.g. playback audio through your phone, or tablet, or computer).

@msbranin I’m sorry you’re still having trouble. Are you unable to even launch the app and login again? Or just unable to access install content from your subscription?

If the latter, is it recognising that you are authorised to install it (but the install doesn’t finish successfully), or is it prompting you to visit the store to purchase?

If the latter, and you are able to, logging out and back in should force the app to get the latest list of authorised content.