Online Player won't start/crashes


I currently use the online Player on my phone (Android) and control it with the master interface on my iPad. (This let’s me cycle through apps on my iPad and still have the sound playing) however during my last session the phone app would start and then just sit on this screen.


I re installed it, did the same thing. I moved the file location AND reinstalled it, then it actually started! BUT after around an hour it crashed again. At this point I was mid game and couldn’t stop everything to try again. However once I got the time, I was able to reinstall it AGAIN and it worked.

Now it’s back to this screen.

I know it is in beta so I wanted to inform everyone of these issues. Any plans for upcoming Android/player updates?


Hey @brodeynelson thanks for all of this issue and sorry for your woes! I’ll get all of this info passed over to the Dev team for them to look at.

The team is actually working on Syrinscape Online at the moment, so further updates and fixing of uncovered bugs is imminent :slight_smile: