Online Player with Fantasy Grounds


I have recently started using the Syrinscape Online Player. I love the concept of it. However, I tried to set up Fantasy Grounds integration as I had done with just the fantasy player. The sounds play but has a pop up come up just for me not my players about the link. Has the Root and such in there and I’m not quite sure what to do. I thought well maybe just minimize it so I can just close them out. However, every time a sound is played which is a lot the pop up comes up. I can share a picture of it later but wanted to at least start the thread.


A thread has already been started about this. I’m in phone and can’t link to it atm, but I believe @sonofconan made a small piece of code to stop that from happening.


Oooo yes please provide. I tried to search for a solution prior to making this thread but could seem to find one. If there is a fix. Might be worth doing a update to the download of the player considering I just started using it yesterday. Haha


For the record, at the moment, the DOE:Sound is not supported with the Syrinscape Online Player, only the Desktop Player.


It’s not really a fix. It’s a workaround that makes corrections via terminal commands. They are still working to make a fix for this within the player itself.


Go here. scroll down to March 19th and they start talking about the code on github that is the work around.


Ask if there’s anything unclear about that workaround/utility.

That said, Syrinscape sure is dragging their feet here. This is quite an old issue and could be fixed in the online player distribution for a negligible cost in time (and disk space). It’s nearly copy and paste at this point…


That reminds me @ben - would you have any objection to me including your code in the DOE:Sound (if I can get it working within the FG-engine-framework)?


Not at all - it was meant to be a way to fix this issue. If you take it on (vs. waiting for Syrinscape some more) I’m sure the users would be happy.

Feel free to take the code and let me know if you run into issues.


Sorry about this. Rest assured we have a LARGE budget for dev and are always working hard, but of course, not everything can be at the top of list. :sweat:


:smirk: I can fix it… :smirk:

Jokes aside - this is a small thing to do and (unless @Dulux_Oz already handles it by now) would’ve been easy to do for DOE:Sound support.

However it will turn out, Syrinscape or DOE, I’m sure the users will be thankful in the end.


Right, now that this is in the correct Thread:

@Ben - Would you mind emailing me:



@ben @Dulux_Oz a new version of the online player has just been released (1.4.6) which bundles and registers the syrinscape-online protocol handler during installation (Windows only).

Just replace https with syrinscape-online in remote control links copied or downloaded from the master interface.


I am currently working on a Fantasy Grounds extension which will allow it to work with Syrinscape Online. I have a sound link module with all the current sounds on DMGuild which does not require any extensions, but in order to make Syrinscape Online work it will need the extension I am building.

and Thanks for the new protocol handler and the CSV. Major help having those :slight_smile:


@mattekure FYI our CSV export does not include ALL links, only links that the person requesting the export has access to.

If you are bundling these links with your FG extension (and I think I read that you are), the description that it includes all links but only works with the users authorised content is not correct.

Ideally, you would ask users to get their own export at any time from us and import it into your FG extension, and also provide their personal auth token to the extension, then they will have access to all their content in FG and can update it at any time they need to (eg new Syrinscape soundset released, or new custom private soundset created by the user).


Thanks for the info. I am a supersyrin subscriber, so I believe that should get me all the links to released content except for the private content. I will look into a method to allow DM’s to enter the CSV data themselves.


I’m happy to say I was able to get my Fantasy Grounds extension working. It allows playing Syrinscape Online sounds. My initial release just has a module of the sound links as I previously posted, but one of my next features I plan on developing is the ability for the user to import their own CSV file and have the links all generate automatically.