Online player window maximizes when secondary screens are unoluggee


Hi there

Absolutely loving the online player. Between TouchPortal and the API for the online player, I have a ton of automation in place.

But I have encountered an issue.

I have 5 screens connected to my GM station.
If the player is open when I turn off any of those screens, windows reconfigures the screen layouts and the online player seems to auto maximize.

If I close and reopen the player, it’s still maximized.
The only way to 'fix it’s is to close the player, and delete 3 registry entries (where the size is set to 1920x1080)

Can we please get this fixed?
I’m thinking either don’t use the registry entries or allow the player to be resized on windows.



Yeah this is on our list of things to fix. :slight_smile: :bug: :hammer:

Let’s push the ticket for this one up a bit @sonofconan


Thanks for confirming this is a known issue.

Let me know if there is something I can help with.


:slight_smile: A good workaround is to just make sure you click close on the online player when you change monitors… since it’ll start up again so quickly and automatically reconnect etc
And also… we will fix when we are able. :slight_smile: