Online Player - what sets are available on Subscription - RESOLVED


Hi. I’d like to subscribe to the Syrinscape Online Player, but I don’t understand what sets I will be given.

I can see on the page that “all I own”, also on subscription I could use all of them, so question is do I onw them so I can play them online? How does it work. Or do I have to subscribe for Online Player AND buy sets?


if you have a paid subscription that gives you all the sets, you can use all the sets with the online player as well.


If you get the supersyrin subscription you have access to everything including the online master and standalone apps. You own everything that cones out while you are subscribed. If you subscription lapses or you decide to cancel you will be able to still access those through the offline player but not anything that came out before your subscription unless you purchase it separately.


Yes as others have said a superSyrin subscription unlocks full access to ALL of our soundsets as well as Community Content and sneak peeks of new content. That’s in addition to full use of Syrinscape Online and the Creator.

So, as long as you have an active sub you can host games and will have full access to all of the soundsets :grin: