Online player vs Sound Link for Fantasy Grounds Unity

If I have both the Online Player, and Syrinscape Sound Links extension for Fantasy Grounds Unity, which one would be the better option for 5e?

Both. The extension does not play sounds by itself, it triggers the sound to play in the Online player. So you have the the player installed and running for the extension to do anything.


Thanks for your awesome work on this @mattekure and for always jumping in to help people here too! :slight_smile: :pizza: :cupcake: :beer:


Two thumbs up for mattekure. His mod and extension are easy to use, and add so much to my Fantasy Grounds D&D. Also, while I’m not particularly tech-y, it’s been easy to add personal touches. mattekure’s chat box parsing will trigger a death scream when a zombie dies, but I was easily able to add a triumphant healing sound when Undead Fortitude triggers. I’ve also added five second voice clips from Baldur’s Gate, mapped to the various PCs. Great fun.


I have issue that started after a Unity update. The chat trigger worked before the update and now they do not trigger. The sounds play if push the play button with the online player running. Just not in chat?

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The last big FG update made changes to how the chat is handled, so the chat triggers can no longer fire on messages that are secret or hidden from players. I am still working on a solution, but for now, chat triggers will only fire on messages that are public and visible to the players.


Im probably late in saying this tip but if you use discord like I do for my game audio, create a discord bot with audio pipe and your sound (with good quality btw) can be direct via a VAC straight to discord. What this means …convenient high quality sound and your players do not need to install the syrinscape online player app. You just have to install it for yourself. The previously mentioned syrinscape mods by mattekure make this very awesome with FGU.

Can you explain this solution with more details?