Online Player Update?


If you go to preferences and security there is sometimes a message along the lines of “this app is not by a recognized developer, do you still want to open?” And there dshould be an open button there to run it without the warning. I don’t have Catalina so I’m not sure if they got rid of that.


I wanted to follow up on this because I see the issue posted here: I’m trying to build some soundsets for my game this Sunday and my stop button is greyed out and none of the loops show as playing even through I can hear them through the online player.

Is this an issue of too much traffic? I’m noticing pings >250 which is more than I’ve usually gotten in the past

EDIT: I should mention I’ve restarted the player and browser separately and collectively and then restarted the machine however no luck


The servers are currently very busy. But they are holding up well against all of the traffic. If you are finding things are going a bit slower for you though just click the little refresh button next to the server number and you will move to another server, which should solve the problem :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply Steve. I think I buried the lede a little in my post. The problem I’m encountering and continue to encounter is the stop button at the top of the player is totally unresponsive and none of the loops turn blue when I play a mood. Is there something that I’m missing that I should be doing?



@rich this sounds like a problem where the Online Player app is not able to connect to the server. Normally, the master interface should tell you when it is unable to detect that a linked and active online player app is connected. Also, the control panel will show connections and disconnections in its activity log, as will the online player app itself.


Does the version number in the online player download reflect that it has not been updated in weeks/months? I got a test subscription and tried myself, and with one of my players, and for us both the online player just kept crashing silently in the background - no error, just missing entirely and no longer running. So I’ve been popping on and watching the version in hopes of discovering a newer build. But I’m also seeing ‘solved’ on some threads and wondering if perhaps the player is being updated, but the version number is just not being updated (or if the fixes were always unique to the user in question, or made on the back-end, and so would not result in a new build of the download).

I did poke around to build some soundsets but with the player being so unstable (three different Window 10 machines, in two different house-holds) I paused because it seemed like lost time. Would love to get this all working so any news would be great.


@bronzedodger the version number does change with every update. We have a new release coming soon, which has been a big job updating the codebase to the latest version of Unity. There are also few bug fixes and enhancements, but nothing that would specifically address the issue you have reported.

Hundreds of people do use the online player every day, though, so there might be something particular to your setup and your friend’s setup that is causing an issue with the player.

Does the Fantasy player also crash? Does Windows not bring up a dialog informing that the application crashed or provide any crash data?

Other things you could look at or try:

  • Are there any accented characters in your Windows account name?
  • Create a new user account (without accented characters in the username) and run the player from there. Does it still crash?
  • Is there any anti-virus or other software running that might be monitoring or interfering with running processes on the system?
  • Try running the online player on your mobile phone or tablet, and controlling it from the Master Interface.


Hey - thanks for the quick reply

I have not really tried the other players because they wouldn’t be any use to us. I did download the Fantasy player first before I realized that the online player was a separate thing and it worked for the hour or so I used it - so it did seem stable.

It’s an odd crash (I do I.T. support, so odd even given the volume of weirdness I see regularly) in that it’s totally silent - the player simply vanishes, no error, not even a sound “hiccup” that might give you a clue that it’s gone.

The windows account on both of the computers at-hand for me is a single word, no spaces, no symbols (can’t speak to the name on the computer in the other home but I think safe to guess the same).
We do use two different antivirus programs as well so hopefully no link.
The mobile idea is a nifty work-around - I’ll bounce that off the players as an option instead of running on the same PC as our game - I’ll give that a try this weekend - maybe easier just not burn hours fighting with the Windows version.

I will keep checking for a newer build though and try it out when I see the number change.
Thanks again