ONline Player - The Missing Features

  1. A button that I can press that shows me exactly what I am playing right now and the ability to manipulate the volumes.

  2. Search I use this a tonne during the game and I can;t control the volume here. This links back to the point above.

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You can adjust the global volume and the One-shot volumes from the sliders at the top of the Screen on both the Online Player and the Web Player, or you can adjust the individual volume of each of the elements playing. Is that not what you mean?


I am after two things (or I haven’t found the feature yet).

  1. I usually have to look for unique sounds during play to reflect what is happening vs planned. I use the window in the image (search window) and then trigger it but there is no volume control for that).

  2. Would love a what I am playing now button that shows all in play plus the global and my customised one shots pannel. I often grab sounds on the go from your multiple pre-made soundsets but can;t really control them in play as I have a bit on and can’t remember where chickens was triggered from.

Hope this information and image is helpful