Online Player - Swap between GM and Player

There are a group of us who use Syrinscape Online and multiples have the Full Sub and GM. When we want to swap between being GM and player it seems we have to reload the link for the game we want to connect to? Is there a way via control panel or the player to achieve this easier? EG a list of games you have been linked to is maintained so you can reselect, and then another for your own game(s)?

I made this suggestion a month ago but got no response.

+1 vote for a recent games link in the online player.

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Woops, sorry about that! :frowning:

That said, we certainly did read the post and have been discussing the topic.

Where our current thoughts are:

  • I like the idea of a zoom style link that triggers an install (if necessary), then runs, and automatically links up the Online Player to the right game, without the user having to log in to a browser or anything.

So any GM can simply send their link to their friends and everyone will get automatically linked in with just a single click.

Idea good?


How about the online player presents you with a game history and role
Only one more cookie in the jar…:grinning:

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All good ideas, keep the suggestions (and cookies) coming :slight_smile: