Online Player Spoiler Images Displayed When Soundset Selected

Is it possible to turn off the images associated with the soundsets in the online player? These seem to be displayed to all minion players. For example, the ‘Under The Villa’ soundset for Descent into Avernus displays a map of the dungeon, with secret doors displayed. Not cool!


The Online Player shows you the background art of the soundset currently playing. It’s there to make sure that the selected soundset is playing. In future builds we are looking at ways to hide this so your players can’t see it. Normally though your players would have the Online Player minimised in the background so once the game is running they normally wouldn’t be able to see this as it’s hidden in the background?

Note: another option is to simply hit Duplicate on the SoundSet. This will create a private version of the SoundSet that has only generic colour blur art, thus hiding those spoilers.



That seems a good workaround, although it took me 10 minutes on google to find the ‘Duplicate’ feature you referred to :slight_smile:

Thanks Benjamin!

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Consider having a look at this playlist of tutorials = lots of good info there! :slight_smile:

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My campaign, Masks of Nyarlathotep, has a lot of soundsets, in fact all the cthulhu themed soundsets plus some more for desert or heavy rain moods. The images are an help in the selection process, but a very big spoil for my players, for example, take a look at MoN5-M’Weru and the great temple… could you please hide the images on the player side or let it as an option for the DM ? Thanks.

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Yes, that’s our plan. :slight_smile:

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Two of my players were spoiled about a twist in the final fight of a year-and-a-half long campaign because of these pictures. I had played an Element from another soundset to try top get around them, but it only changes when you play an actual set from the left-hand side. It was very frustrating for me as the DM.
Is there anything to report about this feature? It was very discouraging, and now I feel like I’m walking on eggshells to not spoil the other players.

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We have several other things ahead of the priority list, but for sure our intention is not to spoil anything with the artwork. Can you give us a concrete example of the offending SoundSet and what was spoiled? We can then try to find alternative artwork for that.

As a work around, you can always check during your prep time, and duplicate the SoundSet if you want to disguise the artwork, since your copy will instead have a generic graphic.

Hope this helps!

Many of the images for the Curse of the Crimson Throne Pathfinder Adventure Path have spoiler images. The specific case I mentioned was for Legacy of Blood. I understand that you use art from the books, and it is quite good art, but it was a pain to have to warn my players not to look at the player at all. I would have to guess that their other adventures have a similar issue.

I did read one of the several other posts that bring this issue up, and was able to duplicate the soundset. At least the final sessions will be spoiler-free from now on.

Obviously I am not any kind of coder or developer, and can’t know how easy or difficult it would be to implement changes for the online player. Would it be feasible to have a Campaign option (when you create it, or changed later) to always use the generic graphic instead of the default artwork? Or even an Online Player setting that the players set?

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Having an Online Player setting would require a new release, (which is a fair amount of work just itself) and I imagine uptake of that new version would be slow, and explaining the setting would reduce effectiveness even further.

That said, currently the players fetch the artwork themselves, from a manifest, the generation of which is heavily cached and I believe currently only depends on the type of device the client is using, so it is not especially straightforward to include a condition there for “do we send the standard artwork or something else for this particular user?”.

I understand this is probably not what you want to be hearing, but am hopeful the Duplicate SoundSet option works well enough for you until we get on this one :+1:

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Couldn’t you just have a setting that disables it for your campaign? Or let you manually pick the art to show?