Online player showing maps to connected players


When the players connect is there a way to change what they see in the bottom of the player? It is showing maps that I have masked. I don’t know where they online player is pulling this information from or if it is a pre-loaded thing. For instance I was in the dh sound pack for the Alley and the Alley map was showing. Tonight I will be doing the cellar and I don’t want that map to show.


The art shown is the background art you see, when you open the Fantasy/SciFi player apps. Unfortunately this carries over to the online player client. Normally this isn’t the biggest of issues (as maps for background art are relatively rare), but in this case they are a nuisance. :frowning:


Can it be changed? If not, I guess I will just not be able to use the sound sets that show maps that are masked in the game. It kind of defeats the purpose if the player can just look at their online Syrinscape player and see the entire map.


Like @new_vision said the image that shows up on the Player is the background art for the SoundSet. In this case Wizards went with the maps as the background art. Future versions on the Player will allow you to hide the art but that’s not something we have implemented as yet.

Players wouldn’t normally see the art though unless they have the app in the foreground. Would they not have the app minimised or in the background whilst you were all playing in the VTT?


Tell them players to NOT be naughty! :smiley: