Online Player Often Stalls

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I run the Online Player on my computer for my online games (Roll20). I run Windows 10 with 8 GB RAM on the computer. I find that the Online Player stalls several times during a regular 2-4 hour game session. What I mean is that when I stop one or more sounds (not a sound set, individual sounds), then click on the new sounds for the players to hear, nothing happens. To correct the issue, I have to shutdown the desktop application, then relaunch it, which fixes the issue. I was running a 90 minute session with my grandson last night and I had to relaunch the online player about 7-8 times during that session due to the music not playing when turning off one sound (music) and starting another sound (also music). Also, this issue always occurs when I pressed the Stop button, so I don’t use that button anymore, and have to manually stop each sound from a set (like a battle), before I can change to a new group of sounds.

Am I doing something incorrectly that is causing this stall/crash to occur? Are there more than one servers for Syrinscape, and if so, should I be on another one (and how one one do that?).

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Firstly, THANKS for using our thing.

Secondly, I’ll see if I can help.

How much are you running on the system while you are playing. Is it running hot? Using almost all the memory? Can you check on the Task Manager.

You maaaaaaay benefit from an upgrade from 8 to 16. Which may possibly be quite cheap.

NOTE: some programs can be MEGA memory hogs (I’m looking at you, Chrome)… Chrome can benefit from a shutdown and restart to help clear out the guff.

NOTE: The Syrinscape Online Player DOES crash every now and then… that’s one of the reasons it still has that ‘beta’ badge… but something like ONE crash every TWO sessions seems pretty typical from my experience at the moment.

Hmmm… I’ll keep thinking.

Have a look at those things I mentioned and then give me some more info? :slight_smile:
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Hi Ben,
I recently updated my computer from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM, and that helped a lot (with everything :slight_smile: ).

When I run D&D sessions online I use the following: Roll20 on Firefox (because a recent change in Chrome added a lot of lag to me and some of my players). I run the Syrinscape Online Player through Chrome, but now I’m thinking I should run it through Firefox to see if that clears up the stalling issue. Lastly, I have open an Excel file (for tracking adventure info) and a PDF (the adventure).

I will check to see how much memory I am using up at my next session (this Saturday) with the above programs running, but I will try the Syrinscape Online Player through Firefox to see if that helps as well. If the issue persists, I’ll let you know!

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I’ll be really interested to see. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Good hunting!

I have this issue as well. In fact, the online player constantly shuts itself down. It can’t be my rig as I am only running one application and run a $6K CAD machine with 32 GB of RAM. Any suggestions on how to fix the issue?

Well, I ran two sessions this weekend, one on Friday night with my grandson and the other on Saturday night with my regular D&D group. Both times I switched to using Firefox to run the Online Player instead of Chrome.

Friday night the Online Player did stall several times, and in order to fix it I had to close out the desktop application and then relaunch it. This is the same issue that occurred when running the Online Player on Chrome. We played two hours, and I think I had to relaunch it about 6 or 7 times. Memory usage on my computer at the time was around 55% to 60% as I recall. I also had open my PDF of the adventure and an Excel spreadsheet along with Discord, and of course Roll20 on Firefox.

Saturday night was D&D with the main group with the same setup as for Friday night. Right off the bat, the Online Player stalled. I decided to disable the auto-protect on my anti-virus program, and that did seem to reduce the Online Player stalling to about 2 or 3 times through a 5 hour session. So, I would guess it is the anti-virus program causing the issue? More testing is needed, but all indications point to this. That said, if this is the reason for the Online Player stalling, I would be a bit reluctant to leave my computer vulnerable to attack in order to run the Online Player.

Any feedback would be welcome by all. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I’m going to get @sonofconan (our lead dev) to take a look at these reports.

I would just be guessing, now!

Thanks for your patience everybody!