Online Player Not Working - RESOLVED


@jason60 @tomeric @dorpond @DrVesuvius @roberts.robinm @r-macdonald @frstncmnd

There was a problem affecting s0 and s1. The reconnect button will send your session to the least busy server, excluding your current server. So for some of you that kept bouncing you between s0 and s1, but others were able to land on s2.

Today, I will implement some changes that I hope will allow faster/automatic recovery from issues like this.



I hope you don’t hold your equipment that loosely. Someone could get hurt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yay! Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


I am still experiencing this on server 1. Nothing will play no matter what button I hit. I am able to join server two where everything works fine.


Still broken for me. This has been incredibly frustrating, as this is two sessions it’s been broken for my game, and it looks like it’s going to remain broken for my sunday game coming up tomorrow. If this keeps up I’m not sure if I can justify the subscription to myself.

Edit: Same as below. Server 0 & 2 don’t appear to work.


I’m unable to play music with the online player as well.

Edit: Spoke too soon, was able to get it working once I was connected to the S1 server. S2 and S0 didn’t work.


Yeah, looks like S1 is working so if you are lucky you can get a reconnect to that one.

Meanwhile, I am grabbing @sonofconan for a restart!

Stay tuned!


Servers s0 and s2 restarted!

Working now, @tfarrington3d @bnettleship?


It works now, yes! Many thanks.



Sound working = Ben happy!

Thanks for letting us know. We will continue to iron out the final kinks in this = it’s already running 900% smoother than it was in when it was first put up!

Meanwhile… GAME ON! :game_die: :memo:


We actually implemented something that was supposed to help automatically recover when users request to move off a server that is not working via the reconnect button (next to the version number and ping latency). I’ll tweak its sensitivity.