Online Player - Multiple Campaigns?

I run multiple asynchronous play-by-post campaigns, and would like to offer Syrinscape for each. It’s not unusual for me to have a player in more than one of my campaigns. On the desktop this is no problem, as I have a separate session link for each campaign, and a given player can just click the link for a given campaign, when they want to hear it.

On a phone, this is a different problem. From what I have read here, the web player is not supported, and the online player won’t play in the background. I am on the verge of giving up on Syrinscape for the phone, but would like to get clarification on this point: If I do have a player in more than one of my campaigns, are they able to use the online player to manually switch between campaigns/session on their own?

Maybe another way at coming at this would be to ask: Is it possible to open the Online Player from a link?