Online Player Issue - Players Keep Having to be re-invited every session

Hello Folks,

I run an online game, and use the Syrinscape Online Player every week for it for my game’s sound. I really like the quality of the audio stream, its much better than most discord bots or even tabletop players I’ve used.

Issue: However, my players recently, each time they load up their online players keep having to be re-invited to the game, which we never had to do before I’ll say a few weeks ago. They all say that when they start it up, it says they are the GM instead of myself, and then I have to re-invite them.

Now, its not a massive problem, but you know players - create an inconvenience for them and suddenly they are asking why we can’t go back to roll20’s jukebox or a discord bot. So, getting this resolved would sorta nip that kind of stuff in the bud, and make our sessions run more smoothly.

Any help that anyone can provide on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if this issue has already been resolved elsewhere, this is my first time on the syrinscape forums, and I’m still familiarizing myself with the layout.



I have the same issue as well. While it’s not a big problem it’s still is a nuisance for the players and a fix for this would be appreciated.

Very annoying problem, something obviously changed as I’ve had Syrinscape for months and now suddenly I’m seeing this invite issue as well. Every session everyone says they show up as the GM instead of player. What is going on with this? Its super annoying especially for my less tech saavy people who struggle with the fact they had to create a syrinscape account in the first play to participate which was enough of a hurdle. Now this makes it even less user-friendly.

Hey all,

I’m reaching out directly via email to help get you guys sorted. Look for me in your inbox (benjamin at syrinscape dot com)

:bug: :hammer:

Please add me to the list, my players had to click the invite link the last couple sessions

Done. :slight_smile:

I seem to be having this issue as well, unfortunately

Yes i have had this issue as well. I am a professional DM so i run multiple games a week and since we only have the 1 “game” all the players are in the same one. Therefore its really annoying when some of them have to go though the reinvite thing multiple times a week.
I really do love the added fun of the sound effects and music so i want my players to have that enjoyment too.

Add this one for me too - with 10 games a week, and over 50 players, this is getting tiresome quickly. It seems I’m ‘uninviting’ after each session. This is taking time every session, every day.


This SHOULD be fixed now. Since last Friday, any game invites will now stick around. So ONE more invite for people who have been booted off and they will persist again.

Sorry about the hassles. Let us know if anyone gets booted players AFTER they have acepted an invite SINCE Friday June 3rd (2022)

Also note: we have been working hard on some BIG UPGRADES that will make game management and everything around getting sound to your players MUCH easier.

Stay tuned for those!