Online Player is not compatible with Windows 7


So, I downloaded the Syrinscape Online App, went through the installer, and when it was done, hit finish and it launched the app. Except all I got was a program border with the header saying Syrinscape Online Player, and inside the border is whatever was behind it: my background, a webpage I had up, whatever. And it instantly stops responding. Just freezes, never get to see anything of the actual program. Tried troubleshooting with Windows, tried administrator mode, nothing works.



Sounds like a graphics driver problem.

Update the drivers on your graphics card and/or search for “[the name of your graphics card] + Unity”

Let us know how you go. :slight_smile:

Other things you can try:

  1. simply restart the app
  2. restart the system


Updated graphics driver, restarted pc, still having the same issue. And I’ve restarted the program many times prior to these updates, and now multiple times after updates, always the same, program border, nothing inside, and it stops responding.


Perhaps something is blocking it?

Malware protection? Antivirus?

Can you white list it?

Ooo! What operating system are you running?


I’m running on windows 7 home premium, and I whitelisted the program with my antivirus avast, still same issue.


Ah ha!

After a little research, I’m sorry to say, the current version of Unity that we use to build the Syrinscape Players is NOT compatible with Windows 7.

Respectfully… it was my understanding that Windows 7 is a bit insecure now, since Microsoft stopped updating/supporting it?

I do like Windows 10. Will your computer cope with it?

In the meantime… you can run the browser UI and your account and everything else on your current machine, and run the Player on any Android or iOS device (as can your Players).