Online Player for Linux distros or web at least?


I am currently using discord and bots to stream syrinscape sounds for online play with my friends, but since there’s an Online Player, I would like to move to using it. Buuuut… one of my friends is using Linux and for now online player is only for Win or MacOS. I see there are plans for iOS and Android in the future. Are there any plans for Linux or maybe in general simply web access for the players? I think website would be easier to make even and much more generic.


Hey @ivellios_mirimafea

iOS is there in the store

And the Android version you can download… somewhere… I’ll have a search.

See if you can find it first! :sunglasses:


Mostly my question was about linux/web version for non win/macOS users :slight_smile: I have one such… we are going to try running this on wine today :slight_smile: Will let you know.


Yeah. People have been using Wine with good success… so give that a go! :slight_smile:

If it works post here and we can make an FAQ /ProTIp to help others.


It worked.

Ubuntu 18.10 with Wine :slight_smile:


Using Fedora 29 and wine 4.4-1 and Syrinscape Online player does work.

However, there are still crashes, but the Windows players also crash (simultaneously), so I didn’t think it was specifically related to Linux.


Yeah. There’s still a couple of things that cause crashes. We are hunting them down one by one. (or sometimes half by one) (or quarter by half)… :smiley: