Online Player Does not Play Sound IF


The player joins while I’m already playing a sound. Once I switch to a new soundset, the sound starts up and my players can hear. We spent a full hour struggling with it before we figured that out. We thought it was simply broken. It was extremely frustrating to sit with them while they attempted to use Syrinscape for the first time, following all the instructions and doing everything right.

My players and I were also all annoyed by the “troubleshooting the online player” video y’all made. It came across as condescending and rude, and did not ultimately help us at all. No real solution for what to do next to solve our problems, after we sat through 6 mins of the most basic tech support info. One of my players identified the common theme, and another one verified it later. As soon as I switch to a new soundset, everyone can hear the sound, even if they couldn’t before.

Now that we know, we can get around it in future. But I want my players to slot into whatever I’m playing as SOON as they connect. If someone slips in when we’re in a fight, I want them slammed with the sound the moment they’re in. Not to wait until it’s all over. Is this something that can be fixed?


:frowning: Sorry, I certainly didn’t mean to make it sound condescending and rude. There are people who (when they are unable to connect) assume that there’s simply something wrong with our servers, and i suppose i was trying to emphasise that, unless there’s some mention on our Social feeds of a prob, then there is probably a more simple solution. Is there a particular sentence that annoyed you, I could edit and repost that video (and yes, I should mention the “you have to start a new MOOD, before anyone hears anything” thing… because that would have got you going).

As to your particular issues: we had two choices when we built the way new players connect:

  1. They get sound immediately, BUT that sound is NOT synchronised with other players, so they will be hearing different music, different random triggered sounds, and this might create some confusion, as one play comments or reacts to a sound.
  2. Everyone starts together when the GM triggers the next MOOD.

We went with 2), but I am leaning back towards 1), what do you think.

Now you know how we built it, do you think it is too much hassle to just trigger a new MOOD, or hit stop and restart or toggle between two moods, to get everyone on the same page.

Mount an augiment right now, because we are right on the edge of deciding… probably THIS week. :slight_smile:

Others can lob in too, if you like.

We are listening… :bug::hammer:

Thanks, for taking the time to post btw! Every bit helps!


In your choices, would you allow a master user to specify his preferred option when playing his moods?

A global option for the master user would probably be good enough (stored in his account), rather than an option on each mood?