Online Player Crashing

I just downloaded the Online player and tested it with one of my players. In the 15 minutes of me running Scifi sounds and him listening, the game crashed twice. My worry is that this will continue to happen and if that is the case I see myself continuing to use syrinscape. I feel that my players would get tired of constantly having to rejoin the game. Is there a fix or a patch?

Crashing frequently should NOT be a feature of the current build.

Are you saying your Player’s Online Player crashed, or yours too?
We’re you clicking LOTs of things when that happened? When the Online Player FIRST played a SoundSet it has to quickly Cache all the necessary samples, so if you hammer it on first playback that CAN cause a crash. Note: once the samples are in the Cache they are there to use in the future.
What device was playback happening on… enough memory/free disk space?

The Online Player IS still in beta, so expect a little instability for a while, but definitely not frequent crashes.

Have another go and let us know how you go.

I was on PC. It was mine that crashed but it continued to work for my player who was on his PC. I suppose it could have been me overloading by clicking several things. I’ll mess around with it more and take it easy, I’ll let you know if it continues to crash after that. Thanks for the response!

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Let know how you go… but yes, perhaps be a little more gentle on the first play through of stuff = AND we are also looking at getting the Caching smoother. :slight_smile:

Note: When the Online Player crashes… players will have to simply run it again… they don’t need to rejoin the game or anything… as soon as you hit the next MOOD they’ll be up to speed with everybody else.

Also note that if the GM’s app crashes, player apps will continue playing what they were most recently told to play.

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Just subscribed this week to try things out. I have two PCs at home i’m testing with, and one remote user tried as well. The online client crashes constantly (but for better or worse does not seem to impact anything else). If it was behind the Fantasy Grounds window or another app you don’t even notice it disappear. When it does run the sound was being pushed from the center to each client - but it’s a constant battle to spot then restart they player (and then the fact it doesn’t not pickup an in-progress stream, but requires the Syrinscape admin to stop/start sounds is not great.
Genuinely optimistic about this as we’ve recently begun gaming online but pausing on asking any other players to even sign-up as the player is so unstable it just frustrates people. Crossing fingers for new code soon. :slight_smile:

I just got a new to me iPad mini 3 64GBso I can download all my sound sets on this iPad as my new full size iPad gen 7 32GB does not have enough memory to fit all of them however the constant crashing when trying to download on my mini iPad is beyond frustrating I don’t have the means to just go by the latest device to be able to have access to sounds is there any hope that this might have a fix sometime soon ?? I’ve spent the better part of two weeks trying to find a solution to something that gets worse the more I try I’m lucky to download a sound set in one go I really enjoy rd it on my iPhone but I ran out of memory and it is really to small to see and run the sound for games from that device. I hope it can be fixed ???

Rest assured the dev team are hunting these crashes. There’s quite a list of bits and pieces that have arisen as a result of the complete code translation from Unity Script to C# and upgrade to the latest version of Unity… but we are getting there.

MAINLY = THANKS for your patience and most importantly for your support!

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