Online Player confusion

Hi there,

I run remote games and downloaded the software. Looked great, easy to use and fairly intuitive.

The online player, however, has me stumped. Is there a tutorial on how to use it either on here or somewhere else? I can’t even find how to add a soundset to my campaign, nor can I filter between fantasy and sci-fi.


Hi Tom

It can be overwhelming but I predominantly use the online player so I’m very happy to help if I can.

We’re currently upgrading our search function so all of that will soon be much more easy to filter when you search but until then…

If you know what you want to include in your campaign, assuming you’re familiar with creating a campaign, you can still make those in the usual way and access your campaigns in the Online Player Master Interface.

But otherwise, if you let me know what it is you’re trying to do, whether that’s find a specific SoundSet or create something new, I’m happy to talk you through it.

Thanks for the response.

So, I’ve done some more playing around and let me know if this is right … I have to go onto the website and select which soundsets I want in my game, which will then appear in the online player. If this is the only way, I’ll be honest and say that I couldn’t see any information on the site or on YouTube telling me where or how to do that. If I missed it, so be it, but I just thought I’d say it.

I’m not running anything locally at this moment, but while I’m here I may as well ask how you add soundsets to a campaign on the locally installed/offline player? I can’t see a way to do that.

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Ok so with the Online Player, if you head into the Master Interface, you’ll have access to EVERYTHING! No need to go anywhere else, just search for the SoundSet you want. For example, if you’re running Curse of Strahd, just type that in. If you want to customise it or add other sounds in, you’ll need to Duplicate it before you can make any changes.

To create a campaign, (for example if you want to make something that combines something like an Air Elemental Battle with a Bustling Port Town) you’ll need to go back to the main website to create that campaign, decide which Offline Player you want it to show up in - Fantasy, Sci-Fi or BoardGame, add in the SoundSets you want to include and then it will show up in both your Online and Offline Player.

I hope that helps.

Yes, to manage your campaigns go here:

Take a look at the pro tips section of the forum here:

The info on campaigns is Pro Tip #1 :slight_smile:

But actually, asking questions here is a good way of finding out info too! Always happy to help out!

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