Online player clunky - good info here for where the Online Player is up to, and why


I didn’t realize when I paid for the super sub that I wouldn’t be able to use this beautiful app; but instead would have to use a clunky webpage that looks and performs VERY odd and clunky.

I’m going to call the web page master thingy just the browser version, and the beautiful app the App for clarity sake in this post. And the DLable player the player, ofc.

Could anyone help me clarify a few things?

  1. why can I not use the app with the online player? My players hear no sounds, but it moves SO much smoother than the browser version.

  2. wth is with the volume on the browser, it shoots up to max every time I click an effect (see third gif… nvm, apparently I can’t show GIFs).

  3. does it play like crap on chrome? I had to close a few windows and tabs to get it to run slightly better and I have a monster gaming pc.

I really want this to work but for 11$ a month (15 CDN) it is SUPER clunky and not very justifiable.


Hi @QuiteGoneJin,

The Online Player is lately just exiting beta, and is still sometimes pretty lumpy. October is the month for it to get a WHOLE lot of love. So expect over the course of the next 60 days for the Online Player experience to get just as smooth as our standalone apps (though I guess that depends a bit on what you mean by clunky) (if you want the look of the Standalone Players… that’s not coming) (but responsiveness is).

If all goes to plan, by the end of Nov… you’ll be singing the praise of the Online Player like you are able to of the App.


The long version of the delay in making the Online Player really smooth is:
By the time we got to the beginning of the year, we had an Online Player that basically worked (with some of the clunkyness you’re experiencing)… then a whole LOT of really big growth, especially in use of the Creator, meant we brought forward some server upgrades, specifically a move to AWS and S3 storage. This meant we’ve been able to keep going during this period of stupidly busy growth… but in the end meant LOTS and LOTS of dev time coping with transition, keeping things running as smoothly as possible… plus some REALLY annoying things caused by AWS: 1) a forced sudden structure change because they changed their mind about how things should be built, 2) a really bad bug on their cloud swarm.

So! Now that all that yucky stuff is all sorted… we next got onto releasing the Standalone builds, with a few features that had been int he pipeline for AGES, including the separate OneShot Volume and some other really important stuff, like a leap from Unity 3 to Unity 5…

And now FINALLY we are ready to look at the Online Player again.

So prepare yourself for it getting a WHOLE lot nicer over the next 60 days. :slight_smile:

All makes sense?


NOTE: What the Online Player allows us to do is to soooooon turn on all the Creator Functions direct onto our server via the Online Interface (which obviously looks very similar doesn’t it).

There will be NO more downloading content into the Creator. There’ll be no more uploading SoundSets. Just upload NEW samples (and get feedback straightaway about the health of the new sample) and then work directly on your content on the server. AND what you build will automatically be pushed our to the standalone Players… cool huh! :slight_smile:

How soon this happens depends on how much we are able to spend on the dev budget… which ever since all this started has been as much as possible. Rest assured we are pushing as hard as we can.


This is a known glitch that will be fixed very soon.


It runs smooth on my Chrome. And things should get even better as we are improving the server servingness of the Online Player… and as we are implementing a few things like preloading of samples as soon as you focus on a SoundSet.

Something blocking our interface in your Chrome Browser… add ons… ad blockers? Overzealous virus protection?


The polish of our Standalone Player is the sort of standard you can expect from a finished fully launched product from us.

Unfortunately you’ve just missed the whole story of “it’s coming… it’s coming… it’s soft launched but a bit bumpy still…”

So… stay tuned as Oct and November become the months of making the Online Player awesome!


Ok, we’re talking here, lol. My apologies I was sticking to emails as requested because I kinda peppered you on all formats not sure where you respond. The forums seemed old but thats my unfair assumption. I see that responses here could help other people so this is good.

Is there a workaround for making online play a bit less “slingshotty” with volume? I’m guessing there’s a way to customize moods and add new sounds to them etc? Is there a current tutorial on this? The YT tutorials are very much offline oriented.

I gotta say I love the product but having 3 different" seeming" interfaces (web browser, players, app) can be a tad confusing for those who need online play (and I imagine that’s a large number of current and influxing customers).

Thanks kindly for responding, in short, ty for the attention and help, please go ahead with the 2 month thing you discussed with me in … facebook? and if you can think of a way to search specific sounds, add them to moods or customize moods and or not have the audio slingshot to max upon use please let me know. Looking forward to hearing good things about this app.

PS emailing you about another question regarding using your sounds in a passion project. Looking forward to hearing back from you, and the soon to be online upgrades. Thanks kindly.


Thnx, and again yes please the 2 month refund would be lovely, not working so this purchase was a splurge and was a little overzealous in thinking its wrinkles were already ironed out, looking forward to it though.