Online player breaks up

When using the online player some moods tend to break up. It might be the streaming capacity that’s fails or something as this doesn’t happen when I download the same mood to the fantasy player.

This happens on official moods too like the gnoll battle.

How can I fix this? I need the online player to work as I want to use it in Foundry VTT

Hi Bjorn,

I’m gonna presuuuuuuume you are talking about the Web Player (at (the Online Player is the App you download and install).

The sound in the Web Player is not streaming (in the way we traditionally understand it), it is being dynamically created and mixed (and panned and effected) locally from samples downloaded automatically.

What you are probably running into is some kind of processing constraint in the browser (the Web Audio API that we are using here is less efficient than a stand alone app and subject to being denied access to the processor by the system etc).


  1. closing some things in Chrome (or whatever browser you are using)
  2. restarting the system to free up some clogged resources
  3. killing unnecessary things running on the system (especially viruses and trojans)

OR if that doesn’t seem to help:
4) consider using the Online Player App.

NOTE: we are keen to work on some ways to make playback smoother on weaker devices, so you should see some progress there during 2023.

Let us know how you go.


If you ARE actually using the Online Player… then let us know in this thread and I will completely revise my answer!!! :smiley:

Thanks. So I’m using the web player (the one you start by clicking play now on syrinscape homepage). And I really want to use that as I want to have syrinscape integrated into foundry.

I have a gaming laptop with good specs connected to my own foundry server (separate computer), syrinscape web player and usually the dndbeyond website so it shouldn’t be that taxing on the system. The internet connection is wifi running at maybe 20 mbit. Could that be the problem?