Online Player Beta logging me into random games


Hi -

I run the online player (1.4.6-20200115) under WINE. It runs fine BUT, whenever I start up I am logged into a random other person’s game. I can disconnect, which then leaves me logged into a different random game. Eventually I get disconnected properly and can then link to my game.

Now, I’m well aware that running under WINE is not supported, but I’m concerned that I’ve uncovered a bug that is leaking people’s identities - I can see their name and computer details for example.

I imagine this is happening because whatever the player is using to figure out a UUID turns out not to be unique at all under WINE.

Anyone else seeing something similar? I’m also hoping that Syrinscape devs might see this and investigate!



Yes it is something we are aware of and the reason why Syrinscape currently does not support Wine.

You can see the full discussion on this thread; Who is Stuart Kehoe?

Thanks for raising it though, Its something that we were only just recently made aware of, we are currently looking into it and seeing if there is a work around :slight_smile:


Great thanks - let me know if I can help (I’m a developer for Red Hat). Aware that you don’t support WINE of course, but people (like me!) will use it and we don’t want to break other people’s games.



This will be fixed in the next release.


The Wine issue has been fixed under Bug 49160. The fix is available in the Wine git repo and should be forthcoming in the Wine 5.10 release in the next couple weeks (if I understand Wine’s release schedule correctly).