Online player app not responding

The app was working fine and then I went to adjust my volume and I got a Not Responding error, so I force quit, and now I just get a white screen with Not Responding every time I try to open the app. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. Any tips or advice?

Looks like the server is down. Just as my weekly game started no less.

Looks like it’s back up. at least for me. It wasn’t working for me for about a half hour.

I can confirm that it was down and is now up.

This is happening right now for the second time for me. It’s really frustrating as players are waiting for a solution, and there’s nothing I can do, as the songs I’m using are all from Syrinscape and cannot be downloaded.

I’ve been using the Online Player myself for a game this evening and all was going well until a couple of minutes ago. Now it seems to be going very slow, so it does look like the server is having a bit of a problem at the minute.

We did increase server capacity recently and roll out some changes but it looks like we may need to look at it again. I’ve asked the dev team to take a look and see what is happeningso hopefully it should be back up and running shortly.

For me it is working, it just takes longer than usual to load up and to trigger moods. Are you getting the same behaviour or are your players not able to connect to your game? Aslo have you tried switching server, you may find a different server responds better

On the left-hand side of the screen next to the version number you’ll the ms (speed) and the server number as well as a refresh symbol. Just hit the refresh symbol to jump to a different server. Syrinscape will automatically change your server if it detects a problem but you can always trigger it yourself if you are having problems

Yeah. I can’t get anything on the app on iphone or (Macbook pro) desktop app.

Hi @nathanl84

What do you me ‘anything’? What are you seeing.

Looks like the servers are all UP and running like normal from our end.

Give us some more details and well see what we can sort out. :slight_smile: :bug: :hammer:

I did not try switching servers, was too stressed out. If it ever happens again, I’ll try that as well.

Right now it seems to be working again.

I ended up downloading the offline player, mixing its output with my mic and feeding that to our call. That took a long time to figure out and set up, though, and forced us to start considerably late :frowning:

On the other hand, being able to use the offline player indicates that the problem might not be with the server after all.

:slight_smile: @Miriadis

Where are you located?

São Paulo, Brazil :brazil:


OK. Sooo… next time you get poor performance, can you do this for me:

  1. do a speedtest to your OWN city…
  2. and then a speedtest to WestCoast US.

Give me the numbers.

We’ve had some people find that their ISP was severely deprioritising traffic from the US West Coast.

One user sorted themselves out with a VPN. So maybe that is an option?

@benjamin Thanks for the suggestion. I have a VPN at my disposal but none of my players have, so that’s not a feasible solution.

I still believe it’s a matter of changing how the app deals with server connectivity. The Fantasy app only had minor delays, but the Online app doesn’t even start. As I said, I could play my sounds with the Fantasy app, so the server wasn’t completely down.

Is there any chance to having the online player for the customers that buy the sound sets. I plan to purchase all the sound sets for fantasy eventually I. Have managed to get all of the D&D sets so far yet with the app I can not use it with products that I purchased I’m just curious if this is something to be added later on???


You can play ANY content you own OR have access to in the Online Player using its improved search AND even make custom moods etc with no sub, you only need a SuperSub if you want to run remote games with your Players hearing the sounds via their Online Player Apps.

Makes sense?