Online Master Interface Problems starting elements manually


I seem to be having problems starting elements manually in the Online Master Interface this evening. Previously I’ve been able to start & stop them manually, for example turning off music from a soundset to replace it with music from my own custom soundset.

But this evening, the little whirry activity indicator comes up in the top left of the browser, the progress bar scoots across, but the element button doesn’t toggle state and the element doesn’t start/stop playing. Tried on multiple soundsets, including good old Bugbear Battle.

I’m using Chrome, if that’s significant, but I’ve just tested in Edge and it behaves the same.



I think it broke.

Looking at this now. THANKS for the headsup!



[copy from another thread]
OK. We’ve done some significant work over the last 48 hours and we are confident everything should be running MUCH smoother… no matter HOW busy this weekend is. Of course, there is nothing like the actual REAL world to test a thing… so all have a go and let us know if you have any more probs!

THANK YOU for your patience everybody!

And, if you’d be so kind… if any finds any more Goblins, let us know straightaway… and if you can, STAB them for us! :bug::dagger:


How’s performance looking this weekend?